PETRA:  by night and by day


We drove 3 hrs. to the ancient city of Petra near the town Wadi Musa late Thursday so we could be there in time to visit Petra at Night!  It was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen.  The 1.2 km walk was lit only by candles.  After a short walk we entered the Siq that wound its way down into the canyon.


Our walk ended at the plaza in front of the Treasury building where we sat on bedouin rugs and listened to music, songs and stories of the desert.

The next morning we were up and ready to walk through the Siq and explore all of Petra.  Unlike the night, the walk was move lively, full of tourists, vendors, and all means of transportation.


This ancient Nabataean city laid on the trade routes linking the Far East and Africa creating a melting pot of cultures.

The ruins of Petra have influences from, Graeco-Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and local Arabian art all combined into one unique style within this city.



We continued through the canyon via donkey, up to the top of the mountain and the location of the Monastery.


A short walk up past the monastery, we came to the top of the mountain where we could overlook the Rift Valley below.


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